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racing ashore in the prefecture of miyagi, hitting the port of -- port city of ishinomaki. so far there are no reports of major injuries or damage. authorities lifted their warning and advisories two hours after the quake hit. this tremor struck in early evening as people were heading home from work or getting ready to sit down for dinner. people in tokyo also felt it. buildings in the japanese capital swayed for a couple of minutes. >>> we'll be back with more news in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
company. the tanker left a port in northern norway early last month. it then sailed through the arctic ocean along the russian coast and through the bearing strait. the route opened up as ice melted due to global warming. the distance is two-thirds that of the regular path which passes through the suez canal in egypt. the arctic route will enable japan to increase it's lgm imports and diversify it's lgm imports, cutting the energy dependence on the middle east, but challenges remain, including cost problems. it have russian government is making it a requirement for tankers that follow that route to use russian ice breakers. it's not only natural gas, the japanese are looking to other energy sources to replace nuclear power after last year's nuclear disaster. an exhibition featuring the latest using solar powered technology has begun near tokyo. about 200 companies are taking part from japan, china and germany and several other countries. demand is growing in japan has power companies are now required to purchase renewable energy. but japanese solar makers lag behind overseas competitor
at major fishing ports in the most severely damaged prefectures. iowaty, miyagi and fukushima. towns are now 80% of what they were before the disaster. but thousands of people are still out of work. rebuilding the communities the tsunami washed away is another challenge. the suzuki's noodle shop used to stand here. other shops and houses stood beside it. government officials have designated the land a tsunami danger zone. no one can live or run a business here. suzuki and his wife aren't sure where they will go next. >> translator: we have to think about what we'll do when it's time to leave. >> reporter: the government has set aside about $230 billion for reconstruction, but it's faced criticism, because some of the money has been used for other projects, leading to more frustration among people who feel they have no prospects for the future. >> translator: the government must speed up reconstruction and respond to the needs of the affected people. >> translator: politics won't change. whoever becomes the leader. i don't know who to vote for. >> translator: i want politicians to s
's port town on the indian ocean. she met with the president to discuss the $50 billion u.s. dollar project which includes a deep seaport and power plants. it was the first visit by a thai prime minister since the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding in 2008 to develop the area. >> translator: by april of next year, clearer details should be available, and we should also be able it to invite investors to join the prakt. >> the dawei project is set to become the major access point connecting the indian on or about ocean to the south china he sea. it should be a new trading route for thailand and for myanmar a gateway for foreign investment. the project gained extra attention since myanmar launched the open door policy along with economic and credit reforms. >>> land mines and unexploded ordinane ordnance is the danger of war. we have the story. >> a small village in eastern afghanistan mourns the loss of its children. on monday the bodies of 11 girls, aged between 9 and 11 years old, were laid to rest. >> translator: the girls were trying to collect firewood outside the
have been the first port call by the self-defense force vessels. myanmar wanted to prevent a strong reaction from china. informed sources say two japanese mine sweepers were due to stop at myanmar's largest city but it was called off at myanmar's request. relations between japan and china remain tense. japan owns the islands, both china and taiwan claim them. myanmar has made other moves out of the consideration for china despite the criticism from the west in november. police in the country cracked down on demonstrations against a copper mine operated by a chinese firm and a firm linked to the military. over 70 protesters were injured and forged close relations with china during the military rule when western countries imposed economic sanctions on the country in the past two decades, investment from china has totalled $14 billion. >>> as china increases its economic and military clout, asean countries are pressed to come up with policies that combine hard and soft approaches to the neighbor. geothermal power is attracting global attention. the philippines is taking advantage of th
of this possible missile launch. the maritime sdf vessel carrying pac-3 missile interceptors has left its home port in hiroshima bound for okinawa. the pac-3 surface-to-air missiles are capable of shooting down debris should it come near the ground. the interceptors will be placed at several sites in okinawa. defense ministry officials expect the missile's flight path could take it over the islands of okinawa. commanders say they'll deploy aegis cruisers in those waters. they say they would only react if debris from a missile fell over japanese territory. >>> investigators are trying to understand why a highway tunnel near tokyo collapsed. panels on the tunnel's ceiling gave way, trapping people inside. nine people were killed. the accident happened sunday morning along a highway connecting tokyo to other parts of central japan. operators say bolts holding up concrete panels on the ceiling may have been defective. the operators say more than 300 panels suddenly fell. the debris covered a distance of more than 100 meters. the tunnel itself runs almost five kilometers. three vehicles were trapped ins
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6